Thanks for coming here.
My name is Ila. I am an Italian living in Norway.
I moved to Trondheim in 2003 as an exchange student eager to get to know a country that I had never visited before. I enjoy outdoor activities and nature, so coming to live in Norway was like a dream-come-through.
I started this blog in 2008  wanting to share Something about me... from life, to work, travel and family and more..

Things have changed since then. I now have two kids that are teaching me the real sense of lifelone learning! I am learning something new every day. And my kids are a big source of inspiration!

I am pasionate about homemade food for my family (my little one is allergic to milk, egg and peanut so I am always interested in trying new recipes that suit us), interior design, living in Norway, nature and outdoor activies and travelling.

If you'd like to contact me this is my e-mail: ilacanovaATgmailDOTcom

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