Thursday, February 19, 2009

How is this possible?!

I come back to something I wrote a few posts ago about the British corporate lawyer Mills (that was found guilty of accepting a bribe in return for giving false evidence in two court cases) and the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.

In the Italian news websites it seems this case had a secondary importance, but it was even less visible in the tv news. Fortunately the international news is talking about it.

Italy unmoved by Berlusconi bribe case

"Imagine the same in other countries, where the leader of the government was implicated in a massive bribery scam. You wouldn't be able to move outside the court for microphones and camera lenses.

But not in Italy.

Here, there is a quiet resignation among ordinary Italians that sailing close to the legal wind has become a trademark of their leader and the odd squall just shows he's human. It adds to his flamboyant appeal.

It seems that as long as he doesn't steer the great ship Italy towards the rocks, then Italians are prepared to forgive Mr Berlusconi.

It certainly doesn't stop them voting for him, as was proved by last year's overwhelming electoral success in the general election."

How is this possible!?!

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Lory said...

Ciao tesora grazie di tutto un abbraccio grande con affetto!!