Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skiing in Oppdal

My brother is here to visit us. Last week the weather was not so good to go skiing, that's why we did the trip with the dogs.
But this weekend we headed to Oppdal. Saturday we went on the tracks and met some friends. The weather was perfect, blue sky and very pleasant temperature for the end of January the sun was pretty warm ;-)

Take a picture with a mobile phone is not always easy...

Today we try with toptour ski (sci alpinismo). Our goal was to get on top of Storhaugen. It has been some time since it snowed last time. There was little snow, and it was hard and crosty. We could not get on top with the skies, so we decided to come back without reaching the top. It was a very nice day. Even if we did not got to the top, the view was nice anyway.

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