Monday, March 30, 2009

Top-tour in Romsdal

This weekend we went for some top-tour in Romsdal. A beautiful area for top-tour and freeride, where the mountains rise out from the fjord.
We had two nice trips.
First day driving from Oppdal, we arrived in Åndalsnes and started the trip around 12. Amazing for Italian top-tour style, but here we are in Norway and it is usually more convening starting a bit later to find better snow conditions.
The goal for the first trip was Loftskarstinden, to meet some other friends there. However we had to change our goal and aimed to Galtåtind.

We met our friends anyway, because the two tops are connected through a traverse. We met in between and started our descent from there. It was initially quite steep and scary for me but I manage to get down. The snow was not the best but we enjoyed the day very much.

On the traverse, Loftskarstinden in the back.

Yesterday we went for another trip to Blånebba. This time we started a bit earlier. In front of us a group of 5 people preparing the track for us ;-)

Preparing for the trip, Blånebba in the background

It was foggy, but once we got to the top it cleared up. It was beutiful to be up there, beautiful surroundings and nice friends!

Then we started descending, the snow was powder! So we went up again! Beautiful day! Great snow!

These were just a few pictures I took with my mobile, more maybe will come. Most of the guys had big camera with them. One of them has a pretty nice website, but picture will come sometime after Easter. But there is planty of more pictures to enjoy there ;-)


A-M said...

So lovely to have you visiting my blog. Thank you for your kind words about my house. Your weekend trip sounded so exciting... looks rather scary, all that climbing. What a different life you lead to us, up there in the cold.. such a contrast to us, down here in all the heat! A-Mxx

Anonymous said...

a nice post and beautiful photos... and even your friend's pictures are great.

pdm said...

Che belle queste foto!