Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why May is special in Norway

May it's pretty special in Norway!

Spring has officially started and temperature are usually rising, the sun is warmer and the days are getting longer.

But May is particular also for two other reasons. Here comes a preview.

Russ partying (most of the time) and going around singing, whistling and doing crazy things just before their exam, that is anyway after the 17th May.

But in particular May is special because of 17.Mai
I have talk about it in a post last here and I posted some pictures
Here I would like to let you know that for me May is also nice because band are going around rehearsing and creating such a cheerful mood for everyone around, here what I have captured yesterday ;-)

Enjoy it!

p.s. This year we will celebrate 17.Mai in Oslo. Will see how it will be there ;-)


Luca and Sabrina said...

La Norvegia è il Paese dei nostri sogni, il viaggio dei nostri sogni e forse un giorno diverrà realtà!
Goditi queste splendide giornate primaverili anche per noi!
Baci da Sabrina&Luca

letiziajaccheri said...

ti immagini che patimenti quando Eirik e Betto saranno russ? allora si che sara' difficile. mi proporro' a quel punto per guardare i vostri piccoli e passero' i Russ a Luca e te, che positivi come sietesapete gestire anche i Russ.

iLa said...

@ luca and sabrina
Le giornate primaverili ce le stiamo godendo. Oggi durante la sfilata mi sa che ci siamo pure bruciacchiati al sole ;-P

@ letizia
Eh eh! Chissá quanti nodi si faranno al cappello loro! Bene il 17 maggio a Sydney?