Friday, January 16, 2009

Skiing near Trondheim

Since we came back to Trondheim it has been snowing a lot. Last week there was probably around 70 cm of snow in our garden.
Then it became warm and it rained, at least in town. We had decided we wanted to go skiing, we were planning a weekend in Oppdal, then L. had to leave and work (in the weekend - sigh).

Well, I was so eager to go skiing that I went anyway on Sunday. I went to Vassfjellet. I took the bus on Sunday morning, so I did not had to worry about the icy road when driving.

It was a very nice day! I first went up til the top (I had my top-tour skies with me) then I used the ski-lift til the bus was leaving at 16:30.

L. came back on Monday and we planned to go ski again in the week. So yesterday we did go to Vassfjellet again. The tracks are lighted up.

It was good exercise, but we could not stay there long it was SO COLD! Here a picture of us.

Sembriamo un po' alieni, ma dovevamo pur proteggerci dal freddo, credo che le temperature fossero attorno ai -12 gradi.

We are planning to ski also during the weekend, this time in Oppdal has originally planned. Some friends will join us. We are renting an apartment at IMI-Stølen for a night. The apartments have 4+2 beds, so it is a convinient solution for small groups of people.
Have a nice weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could ski... but I can't..
Enjoy, ila.