Monday, May 4, 2009

Toptour in Italy and Norway

Since Easter we have been doing few toptour trips (both in Italy and in Norway) that I would like to talk about, but due to lack of time I still have to postpone it.

I may just anticipate that we have been in Jotunheim, up to Galdhøpping (2469m), the highest top in Norway. Not really high considering the Alps standards. For the ones familiar with Biellese, it is like a Mucrone (see below) but with glacier around ;-)

In the meanwhile I have found this article about a trip in one of the mountain in our region: Colma di Mombarone on

And here a picture from one of our trips, this was taken in Italy. The mountain pictured in the background is Monte Mucrone. Lot of snow this year in our mountains ;-)


Anonymous said...

ma che bei trip che fate!!!
baci, ila.

iLa said...

Beh, belli sono i trips perché belli sono i posti che ci sono in giro e le giornate che abbiamo trovato ;-)