Saturday, November 23, 2013

On being a mother

This is how our living room looks like this evening. And I am fine not worrying bothering too much about it. I feel this is the healthiest choice :)

The kids are asleep.
L. is still working downstair with his cousin renovating yet another room.

But what a relief when I read this!

It has been tough lately. And today particularly! Too many things?! I don't know but I feel broken. As a person and as a mom, first of all.

I have started noticing the posts of other mothers/parents around the blogosphere that made me feel I am not alone. So I want to share a few links just in case there is someone else who could benefit knowing:
- Being a mom is hard, thanks to Delighted Momma for reminding me of the not so obvious sometime!
- Also Unruly Little Things talks about the thoughts about "To be a mother" here
- And for those of you understanding Norwegian an ironic post about how to recognize a tired mother from Fristende Lavkarbo. And also a later follow-up about a dad story.

I also want to watch this TEDtalk about "How to make stress your friend". It sounds promising ;) 

Be a mother, be a parent it is sometime hard but rewarding. You have to keep your perspective and lower your standards and expectations.

Good night everyone! Enjoy your evening.

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Hena Tayeb said...

thanks for sharing..
I am feeling the same way these days.. and the fact that I am 9 months pregnant isn't helping much.