Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's been a long time...I am still here

I am often coming back to my blog. I am actually coming back daily.
I like to check how it is doing and to check the latest updates from my favorit blogs.
In fact I have added a few new links to my blog list and maybe some more will come. Some cathegories might be usefull but I like that the newest updates come high up in the page without having to scroll down ;)

Life has been...well, life!
It is probably still messy, but at least I am fine with it anyway. I am now a much happier mum/person than I was 10 months ago. It is still challenging, but more manageable.
I am grateful to my kids for making me realize what truely means "lifelong leanring". I am learning how to be a better mum everyday, how to deal with life and how to deal with my PhD.

I am still struggling with my PhD. I am struggling finding concentration and finding my way to finish it. But I am here! Trying everyday!

Photo by my brother

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