Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kayak: rolling training

This summer when we were in Stokkøya, we tried sea kayaking. The first few minutes were a bit anxious, but then we really enjoyed it :)

So at the beginning of the semester, when a friend asked me to join her, I thought of taking a sea-kayak course organized by one of the student groups at NTNU, the padling group.
Unfortunately I was not quick enough to sign up in time for that (21 persons signed up during the first 4 seconds!!)
However, my friend C. managed to get in and now she can borrow equipments for two persons ;-)

During November and December, the padling group organizes training in the swimming pool. It is much better to roll in water that is not freezing. One feels more comfortable in the swimming pool than in the fjord!

So, last week I was the second (after my friend C.) to sign up for kayak rolling training. We went there Wednesday evening. It was TOUGH! We first warmed up our arms and shoulders, then the hips, then it was time for flipping down and try to get out of the kayak. Then finally, it was the turn for the rolling training! Gosh, it is tough!

I felt pain on muscles I was not even aware of! My brother and L. were joking about it during the weekend in Belgium ;-)

Then this morning I noticed there are still places available for another training this week! But I am not even sure I want to do it again...

Anyway I have also find some videos, here for example. They make it look like it is so easy!
It is hard! Believe me!

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ondainlove said...

I love the sea very much, but I never tried sea kayaking.
I think it must be really difficult...
I commented you post about pietro and realized that, perghaps, I managed to leave my comment.
Let's try with this one now...